Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Schools Out, Time for some Bloggin

I feel like I am constantly apologizing for the lack of updates...well apologies again!
School is out until August and then I shall be a senior! Scary stuff.

This painting came after the piece shown in my last post. It was an open assignment, so I decided to finally create a image a friend of mine requested for his band.
Check them out,

My process for this piece at first felt very forced because I was trying to come up with clever and witty concepts. Realizing that that process got me no where fast, I resorted to simply drawing the first images coming to mind.
The final result being..

I think this painting was a big milestone for me. For the first time I felt I had conveyed some semblance of what I felt personally. I also got to continue to explore how clothing can bring to life a character you've created through memories, visual imagery, and music in my case. I found the process challenging but very theraputic. It allowed me to explore feelings and personal issues in a veiled way but to exercise them nonetheless.

I originally was going to base the girl's face on Abbey Lee Kershaw, because like everyone else I think her look is incredible and could have been a great fit. I am still quite happy with the current face? Thoughts?

This painting was almost not created due to the hardships of finding really great fur coats in Florida. This is why friends who thrift, and friends who take great reference photographs are my life blood. Also owners of consignment stores who allowed us to take said reference photos with no harassment.

And last but not least appropriate music really sets the mood, especially when its the XX and Phoenix.


  1. Good job, it reminds me of Francis Bacon.

    Also, it looks like the girl is not wearing any pants.

    Tay aka RashomonRebel

  2. your right. she's into that edie sedgwick thing.

    love francis bacon btw.

  3. Love the highlights and blue tones in her hair! Very lovely!

  4. That drawing is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE it!!

    I'm seeing XX this weekend at Glastonbury Festival - very very very excited...