Monday, November 1, 2010

The Kick Inside/Meadham Kirchhoff

Its kind of unfair that when I finally decide to post, I show a contest drawing. Things have been...strange..lately. Senioritis? More like freaking out about the future. Lately Ive been willing to try anything that isn't oil paints (strokes them lovingly). Or at least oil paints not on a canvas.

I always seem to have trouble actually drawing shit. How do people do that Robert Crumb style? It boggles my mind. Like you have to engineer the drawing into being. I like messy shit like pastels, charcoal, and oil cause it forgives me for the terrible drawer/engineer that I am.
All the same I love ink. Maybe because I cant do it myself, except as accents to the pastel and wash drawing. The process that I've been really enjoying/exploring at the moment. The idea of creating work through a sculpture on paper, through a process is very appealing to me.

I think about the type of fashion illustration I admire. and then I realize I don't want to, nor can i make work in that particular look (and I am not talking about hipster line art crap..)
Then i start going back to my god among gods. Yawp, Degas. Misogynist, anti Semitic Degas. He could really showcase fashion, and know it was beyond the exact ruffle of that overly ruffled skirt anyways. That's why people remember his work and not Tissot (I hope at least).

So going back to his mono types reminded myself that one does not always need to be clean and crisp like a photo-shopped vogue spread to get across fashion, or crazy thought, something even deeper. Sometimes it can be all about playing The Kick Inside (that album has grown TREMENDOUSLY on me over the years) and imagining all sorts of depressing shit, but hae at least you look pretty in your dreams?

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