Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rag and Bone

Much apologies about the delay...We've gone through several fashion weeks and I am just now updating! I've been abit bogged down once again with school. However this week is spring break so hoooraaay for updates!!

Since photographing my work can be abit of a pain I've started to experiment more with corel painter which is such a fun program. I definately wont be using it to do school illustrations but its great for fun doodles of my favorite looks from fashion week.

Starting off is probably my favorite from NY fashion week, Rag & Bone!

This set is abit old, almost a month I think....yeesh. You can really tell in contrast to the second set which is alittle bit better by comparison.
Right now I am still experimenting in black&white...we'll move on to color later. Right now I am more concerned with line and texture since I think alot of computer illustration has a tendency to look airbrushed..

Everyone thinks I am weird for now wanting to get a one shoulder dress to layer over button downs, but I mean c'mon!! How great is that look? My personal favorite collections were ones that I could to a certain extent, apply to my own life. Although the real deal would certainly not be a bad thing...


  1. yay, fashion week sketches... i love these!!


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