Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Impression of Kingdom of Style

I apologize for the long this year has been crazy so far!! I am taking five classes, which include two figure painting courses! Probably doesn't sound very relevant to a fashion blog, but a good foundation in the human figure can only help my fashion drawings in the long run.

One of the first blogs I started reading is, Kingdom of Style(btw does anyone know how to create a link just using the name?)
The reason I've kept at it is Queen Michelle continues to inspire through a fantastic combination of outfit posts, new designers, and DIY. I can only dream of pulling off the outfits she comes up with, so for now I'll be content with this sketch I did at the beginning of this month,

Overall I am fairly happy with this, in that I think it conveys a certain mood I was going for, which was a bit of a Gothic, Wuthering Heights feel. It was rather spontaneous, with me finding one of my favorite outfits of Queen Michelle's and going from there(I am kind of creepy in that whenever I find a favorite "image" or "look" I immediately save it on the desktop). The challenge was how to convey a sense of transparency in the skirt, I've never really been successful with it before. I think if I could go back I would have gone for more of a yellow orange rather than so "yellow yellow" that verges on yellow green. But that's the point of these exercises. You learn your mistakes and move forward.


  1. the drawing is awesome (like all of them!)
    keep rockin' girls!!!

    for the link: you write the name (or any word) and then you will select it. after this you click on the green icon next to this that you select the colour of your text from and you put the url of the page you want there.
    I hope that i become comprehensible :)


  2. you are totally amazing, oh and hey we were both featured in the same post on kingdom of fashion (:

  3. I'm not entirely sure how I discovered your blog, but its super cute! You artwork is beautiful!! Love the soft washes of watercolour. very dreamy.
    Dear Miss Pretty xx

  4. Looks great! You're so good with watercolor!